Finally, Motorola brand to cease to exist

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Finally, Motorola brand to cease to exist

Smartphone manufacturer Lenovo will dump U.S. mobile phone pioneer's name following its acquisition in January 2014, hanging up the line on a famous brand.

Motorola, the brand which invented the mobile phone, brought us the iconic “Motorola brick”, and gave us both the first flip-phone and the iconic Razr, is to cease to exist.

The Chinese smartphone and laptop powerhouse Lenovo bought Motorola from Google. It said it will keep Moto, the part of Motorola’s product naming that has gained traction in recent years, but Moto smartphones will be branded under Lenovo.

Motorola chief operating officer Rick Osterloh told Cnet that “we’ll slowly phase out Motorola and focus on Moto” and that it will be a consolidation of brands to cover a larger market segment.

But for many, the loss of the Motorola brand is an end of an era showing just how far the pioneering U.S. phone company has fallen. (Photo by Xinhua, AP, Getty Images)


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