WATCH: Palace holds press briefing

WATCH: Palace holds press briefing

- Sec. Harry Roque: DSWD conditional cash transfer to be distributed in full to 10M Filipinos by July.
- Roque: PNP ordered to prevent latest Kadamay attempt to occupy PNP housing in Rizal.
- Roque: Hinding-hindi sasabihin ng Presidente na patayin ninyo ang mga kaparian.
- Roque: Bukas ang Palasyo, ang Presidente, sa dayalogo (sa CBCP).
- Roque: Ang gobyerno ay gagawin ang kanyang tungkulin upang itigil ang kulturang impunity.
- Roque: PNP, AFP, fully supportive of peace talks.
- Roque: Peace talks to proceed, no impediment for Joma Sison to come home.
- Roque: President has communicated to our men in uniform that we should give the peace talks a chance.
- Roque: We need to end the longest running insurgency in the planet.


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